"Bug-Free Kosher," a project of KASHRUS Magazine, is dedicated to providing important information to the kosher consumer and kosher professional as well as those in the food trade. Disinformation and lack of concrete facts lead many to confusion on the all important issue of insect infestation of our foods. This site will highlight our findings. Please feel free to share your findings and kosher concerns with us at kashrus@aol.com. (We cannot respond to all emails.)

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Leibel and Frimit Schmeidler, holocaust survivors who devoted their lives to preserving the mesorah and kashrus of their parents' homes.

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You can't claim to be bug-free until you've learned how to spot insects, how to check fruits and vegetables, and you've been successful. Learn how by signing up for a course. Call us at 718-336-8544; kashrus@aol.com. 

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